No Worries (Oscar's Song)

by Socialeyes

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Dear father would you bother at all,
I'm on the edge and I'm willing to fall.
Um, this is life it's appealing to y'all, but...
I ain't so sure that I'm meant to be on earth.
Time is ticking it's unfortunate yo,
I ain't really been moving like you forced me to slow.
I'm trynna progress it's important to know "damn" !
I deserve an Oscar man how could he just go "blam"!
Shits gets serious, sometimes I'm curious...
How could you take a life? That sounds delirious.
Even hearing this, news got me furious!
How the fuck can you chose who gets to live in this world?!
Standing on a sinking ship, cannot even think a bit, praying for the innocent, hard just staying diligent,
Man it's been my mission to win and show you the sinning could lead to getting ambition, I'm wishing it wasn't you!
Still sitting and wishing this shit just really wasn't true!
Somethings could happen my man what would you really do?!
The homie took some bullets for helping his homie "dude"...
How can I explain this inside a page There isn't room.

Why you gotta go so early, on a road so Pretty, paved in gold no hurry, now you know, no worries.

Dear God I've been having those dreams those things I've been running from are creeping on me so please I'm just asking for a little more time
More lines to tell my homie when his brother just died
more taking then giving I've given up on religion
More mercy for the living why the fuck are we killing
More time for me to hit him on the line
And tell him I appreciate him all the fucking time
Dear God where the fuck was you when
He never stood a chance and the bullets got him
Well I guess one day it gotta end alright
Reaper don't start picking on my friends alright?
I Lost too many to the other side already
Experience with loss but I'm just not ready
Are we really ever
I've been thinking never
Peace to our forever
Now I'm sinking in an era where we love to hate ourselves
And kill each other on the fly
Do we even really understand it when they die
Always living in our heart but ima wonder why you take him so soon
At the rate that you take em I assume there's no room
Left in heaven, for the rest of us
Now I'm sending, you these messages
Cuz this Life, it gets the best of us
Always throwing us the worst like it be testing us or endin us

Why you gotta go so early, on a road so Pretty, paved in gold no hurry, now you know, no worries.


released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Socialeyes Los Angeles, California

Socialeyes is Nathanael Blaze, WhyNot and producer Tone One.

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